Terms and Conditions | Destakx

  1. The Destakx service accession places you in a prime position with anoGov’s entities;
  2. Each Destakx accession licence is valid for 2 years (24 months);
  3. The Destakx service makes you a Supplier+, that is, it guarantees the access to advanced services and features of anoGov:
    3.1. Advanced search filters;
    3.2. Serial downloads;
    3.3. Customized service by specialised technical support team and a specialised pre-salesperson.
  4. The Destakx service activation is carried out upon the proof of payment sending and the registration form available at;
  5. The Destakx service is activated within a period of 24h (week days) after receiving the payment proof;
  6. This service is renewed automatically. The non-renewal intention must be communicated to anoGov with a previous warning of 30 days.